In this quarterly Capital Hub update, we are excited to share the latest updates of the Centro Capital Hub. We will provide an overview of the capital accessed by our entrepreneurs, highlight the progress in repayment rates with Kiva, and discuss the demographics of our entrepreneurs accessing capital through our hub.


From January to May, we have continued to support small businesses by facilitating access to capital. Through our Centro Capital Hub, we are proud to announce that we have helped secure a total of $120,500 in Kiva loans. This capital has been distributed among 15 deserving entrepreneurs who are determined to fuel the growth of their businesses.


We have significantly improved the repayment rate to 89% (from 69% in 2019), showing the commitment of borrowers to pay their loans on time, as well as the positive use of the Centro Business Planning App. All borrowers that are not backed by an organization are required to go to the business planning activities on our app which help them think through their business model, which mitigates the risk of them falling behind on repayments.

We are pleased to report that our borrowers have showcased exceptional commitment to repay their Kiva loans promptly. With an impressive repayment rate of 88.5%, we have witnessed firsthand the determination and responsible financial practices demonstrated by the entrepreneurs we support. 
This achievement not only highlights their dedication to the success of their businesses but also emphasizes the effectiveness of our support systems, including the Centro Business Planning App.


At Centro, we strive to create an inclusive ecosystem that empowers entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds. In line with our mission, the businesses that have accessed our Capital Hub during 2023 continue to be led by a remarkable group of individuals:

  • Women: Nine of the businesses accessing our Capital Hub are led by women. We are proud to support these visionary women who are making significant strides in their respective industries.
  • Immigrants and People of Color (POC): Twelve of the businesses accessing our Capital Hub are led by immigrants and individuals from various POC communities. Their dedication to entrepreneurship and their determination to succeed in a new environment inspire us all.
  • Latinx: Ten Latinx entrepreneurs have leveraged the resources of our Capital Hub to fuel their businesses. We celebrate their contributions to the local economy and the vibrant cultural tapestry of our communities.
  • Black: Two Black entrepreneurs have accessed our Capital Hub, bringing forth their unique perspectives and expertise to drive innovation and positive change.

We are honored to work with such a diverse group of entrepreneurs who are breaking barriers and forging their own paths in the small business world. Centro remains committed to providing equal opportunities and resources to entrepreneurs from all backgrounds, ensuring that everyone has a fair chance to thrive.


Through the SEED initiative, Immigrants Rising offers grants to entrepreneurs who are starting or growing a business in California. The opportunity is intended for undocumented individuals and people who have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporoary Protected Status (TPS), as well as those with limited English proficiency. This funding aims to empower immigrants to become successful business owners, contributing to the local economy and their communities. The Centro Capital Hub was able to provide support with the application process and helped 7 entrepreneurs apply for the Immigrants Rising’s SEED $5,000 Grant.

Please let us know if you or someone you know is interested in accessing a Kiva loan or have any questions. Carlo Arellano, Capital Access Manager: KivaUS@centrocommunity.org