My brand is inspired by Latina women – Jessica Muñoz

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Jessica Muñoz is a Latina designer, entrepreneur and creator of 2QTooCute. Her business grew out of the pandemic when she had to stay home with her children and together they started doing creative activities to cope with this hard time and overcome depression. They painted colorful designs of butterflies and hearts and one day decided to put their designs on her shoes. After getting positive feedback from family and friends, she saw an opportunity. So she researched how she could make her own shoes and began her journey as an entrepreneur, transforming a hard time into a new dream.

Jessica had no business experience but that didn’t stop her. Inspirational stories from other women pushed her to believe in herself and trust that she could also achieve her dream of owning her own brand. “The inspiration of other women I read about in magazines saying when you have a dream you can achieve it was a big push for me. To think that I am here in my house, and I can do it too. I started researching and designing, and when other people liked my designs, I started to feel that there was something great here that I could inspire with.”

After designing her first sneakers, she wanted other women and mothers to also be able to enjoy the comfort and original designs she couldn’t find in other stores. She looked for suppliers and resources to start her small business and began working with a factory in Colombia.


While visiting a bazaar, Jessica met Raysa Veras, a Centro graduate and founder of Rouge Hoops. They had a great connection and after learning about Jessica’s brand, Raysa recommended Centro’s programs to establish her business. Soon after, she contacted Centro and attended the Basic Entrepreneurship Program and Advanced Entrepreneurship Program.

Before joining Centro, Jessica didn’t know how to establish her business, and she was worried about the unknown and failure. Thanks to the programs she attended, she was able to learn about the areas of business that she did not know about, such as the mission and objectives of her business and its financial status. It has also been very important for her to gain confidence in talking about her brand to others, especially on camera.

“What fascinates me is also the networking and meeting other entrepreneurs, knowing that you are not alone and sharing experiences of our businesses. It’s a really nice community and I feel accompanied.” says Jessica.


With her business established, Jessica is now raising awareness of her 2QTooCute brand. In addition to her shoe line, Jessica has also launched a line of handbags. “My 100% Latina shoes are inspired by Latina women, giving it the color and flair that we put into everything. I also have leather bags where I use a lot of our essence, transmitting the strong colors that we as Latinas like so we don’t go unnoticed.”

Jessica pays a lot of attention to every detail of her brand. Her espadrilles have colorful butterfly designs that represent freedom and are named after people who inspired her and helped her in her life. She also wants to inspire and empower other women. “In my handbag designs, I convey how I feel about them. By naming one Brave, I pick it up and I feel brave and that’s how I want other women to feel with it too.”

She currently works with her sister-in-law, who is in Colombia and manages the factory they work with there. Jessica makes the designs and chooses the leather and materials for the manufacture of her bags and shoes. In her day-to-day work, she faces challenges that she overcomes by working together with the factory’s employees. “That teamwork is what excites me, I listen to them and they listen to me. It’s a chain, we work hand-in-hand, if I design, they work, and that’s how we share.”


Because of the pandemic, Jessica has not been able to attend many fairs and events to showcase and sell her products. So, as the situation improves, one of her goals for this year is to have more presence at these events to make her brand more known. Another goal is to increase her sales and increase the variety of designs to continue expanding her brand.

To see all her wonderful designs and support Jessica Muñoz’s business, visit her website 2QTooCute. You can also support her business on her social networks Instagram and Facebook.