2023 Q2 Update

We are excited to share some updates regarding our impact in helping entrepreneurs access training, coaching and capital. You can now see our latest impact statistics on our Overview page. We also want to celebrate and thank you for your support on the pre-sale campaign of Arturo’s new book.


In the first half of 2023, we served 551 entrepreneurs, 167 of whom attended our training programs.

Through our programs, the Capital Hub and our app, we are on track to help more than 1,089 entrepreneurs by the end of this year.

As we continuously strive to support entrepreneurs, we are excited to introduce the beta version of our latest initiative: the Online Self-Paced Bootcamp. This innovative and flexible learning opportunity is specifically designed for entrepreneurs who are unable to attend a scheduled online course or prefer to learn at their own pace. With a range of self-paced learning modules that include video and written lessons, this beta version provides a valuable opportunity for individuals to engage in independent study and shape the future direction of the program.


Our Capital Hub has been helping entrepreneurs access interest-free loans through Kiva, and we are proud to announce that over the last three months, we helped 23 entrepreneurs receive a total of $211,000 in Kiva loans.

We have significantly improved the repayment rate to 89% (from 69% in 2019), showing the commitment of borrowers to pay their loans on time, as well as the positive use of the Centro Business Planning App. All borrowers that are not backed by an organization are required to go to the business planning activities on our app which help them think through their business model, which mitigates the risk of them falling behind on repayments.

This achievement not only highlights their dedication to the success of their businesses but also emphasizes the effectiveness of our support systems, including the Centro Business Planning App.

Through the SEED initiative, Immigrants Rising offers grants to entrepreneurs who are starting or growing a business in California. The opportunity is intended for undocumented individuals and people who have been granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporoary Protected Status (TPS), as well as those with limited English proficiency. This funding aims to empower immigrants to become successful business owners, contributing to the local economy and their communities. The Centro Capital Hub was able to provide support with the application process and helped 7 entrepreneurs apply for the Immigrants Rising’s SEED $5,000 Grant.


Our team of coaches has been working to provide one-on-one coaching to 113 entrepreneurs in the first half of this year to support them in specific challenges with their businesses. We are on track to support 226 entrepreneurs by the end of the year.

We have provided a total of 13,406 hours of coaching since we started, and in 2023, we have already provided 186 hours of coaching to entrepreneurs in many locations, with most of them located in Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, Stockton and other Bay Area counties.


We’re happy to share that Arturo Noriega’s pre-sale campaign for his upcoming book, “In Pursuit of a Noble Cause” has been a resounding success!

During the pre-order period, Arturo received overwhelming support from eager readers and advocates of positive change. By securing a pre-order, you have not only demonstrated your enthusiasm for this exceptional book but have also ensured that you will be among the first to receive it upon its release in September.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all the supporters who participated in Arturo Noriega’s pre-sale campaign. Your unwavering enthusiasm and commitment have played an instrumental role in making this campaign a resounding success. By pre-ordering the book, you have secured your place as one of the first recipients when it officially releases in September.

As we eagerly await the release of “In Pursuit of a Noble Cause,” let us celebrate Arturo’s triumph and anticipate the invaluable wisdom that awaits us within the pages of this remarkable book.