2022 Q3 Update

We have some important updates regarding entrepreneurs served, the Centro Business Planning App, access to capital, one-on-one assistance, and Centro Business Planning App. You can now see our latest impact statistics on our Overview page.


Throughout this year, we have served 897 entrepreneurs, 263 of whom attended our training programs. Through our programs, the Capital Hub and our app, we are on track to help more than 1,270 entrepreneurs by the end of this year.
We would like to introduce you to Ingrid, who is the owner of Niños Sanos, Seguros y Felices in San Jose, California. She is an amazing Latina entrepreneur who went through our Basic and Advanced programs, and recently got her second Kiva loan.


Over the last three months, the Centro Capital Hub helped 18 entrepreneurs access a total of $198,500 in interest-free loans through Kiva, and a total of 60 entrepreneurs accessed $591,500 this year. We are on track to serve 75 entrepreneurs by the end of the year.

We are excited to share that since we started helping entrepreneurs access Kiva Loans through our Centro Business Planning App trustee account in 2014, we have endorsed 144 entrepreneurs who have received over $1 Million in interest-free loans.
So far this year, we have helped eleven entrepreneurs access $75,000 in grants and five entrepreneurs access $700,000 in larger small business loans with local CDFIs (Community Development Financial Institutions).


Since January 2021, we have provided 1,346 hours of 1-on-1 assistance to 424 entrepreneurs, with most of them located in Oakland, San Jose, Santa Clara, Stockton and other Bay Area counties.

In 2022 we have served 198 entrepreneurs and we are on track to support 250 entrepreneurs by the end of this year.


We continue our work on improving the Centro Business Planning App, and we have recently released another app update. With the latest version of the app, entrepreneurs can now see local lenders and resources on the app in multiple languages. They will see resources that offer support in their language at the top of the list and other options that might not offer in their languages below.

Also, entrepreneurs can now update their email addresses if something changes or if they had a typo when they originally created their accounts. As entrepreneurs sign up for and use the app, they are asked to validate their email to ensure that their Business Plans and the emails connecting them to resources are sent to the right place.